Exhibitor Scope
    Tyre & Rubber Indonesia will be focused on some areas

    Exhibitor Profile

    Tires, Casings, Tubes

    Run-flat tires; bias and radial tires; inner tubes; green tires; new and retreaded commercial, automobiles, bicycle, motorcycles, agricultural, industrial, off the road, tractor, aircraft tires etc.

    Wheels / Rims

    Steel and light metal rims for automobiles, commercial, earthwork machines and agricultural vehicles; wheel covers, hoose trim, etc.

    Tire Accessories

    Tire protection chains; lifting devices; pressure drop indicators; puncture protection; snow chains, grippers; valves, spikes, etc.

    Equipment for Tire Repairs

    Balancing machines, balancing test stands, axle measuring devices, wheel aligners, electronic alignment, toe measuring stands, toe measuring plates, lifting-jacks, tire inflating devices, tire inflating plants, tire mounting lifting jacks, automatic tire mounting machine, tire changing tools, balancing weights, sandblast equipment, etc.

    Materials, Plants, Equipment, Tools for Tire & Wheel Production, Tire Retreading

    Autoclave, camelback sticking machines, sheet volling device, building-up-machines, moulds, conveying plants, curing moulds, camelback, precured tread, curing presses, test equipment, laser inspection equipment, buffing machines, peeling machines, steel wire adhesive, planning and supply of complete cold retreading units, etc.

    Automotive Rubber

    Rubber seal, rubber belts, rubber tubes, hoses, latex products, parts, and other rubber products for automobile industries.

    Rubber Materials and Chemical

    Polymer rubber, nature rubber, synthetic rubber, carbon black, filler and kinds of additives.

    Rubber Machinery

    Rubber products manufacturing, all kinds of rubber machinery for rubber processing, analysis equipment for rubber products.